Business Customs in India

Each and every country is distinguished by its unique culture, customs or traditions. Business customs of India would definitely be different from other countries. While entering into a business relation with India it is necessary that one have an insight into the business etiquette in India or the prevalent business culture in India.

A familiarity with the business customs of India not only demonstrates a respect for the country but also creates a feel good factor. Greeting in the form of ‘namaste’ is an important part of Indian etiquette. Similarly, the Indian custom teaches us that guests are treated with infinite respect and courtesy. Among other positive factors nourishing business culture of India is the fact that majority of Indians are extremely proficient in English and have good communication skills.

But there are also certain hurdles, big and small, while carrying out business propositions within and with India. Business customs of India often give very little or no importance to time management and adherence to punctuality. Moreover, the Indians find it very difficult to give ‘no’ for an answer, which might pose as a bit of a hitch in closing business deals.

When it comes to business dealings involving government agencies, bureaucratic interference and lack of professionalism might cause temporary delays in processing. Hierarchy plays a very important role in major decision making policies. In the Indian business culture, the decision making authority usually sits high up in the chain.