Indian Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing also known as BPO or Information Technology Enabled Services or ITES is a major source of revenue for India that exceeds 10 billion. Indian business process outsourcing sector occupies 5-6% share of the total BPO industry. Business process outsourcing in India mainly caters to the Western operations of multinational corporations or MNCs. Some of the top Indian BPO exporters have been WNS Global Services, Genpact, Transworks information Services, IBM Daksh and TCS BPO.

BPO industry has managed to thrive in India because of its ability to deliver at low costs. Some other factors facilitating BPO industry in India are economy of scale, strong and effective business risk mitigation plans and superior competency levels of workers. There is no dearth of expertise in India. Recently, it has been noticed that the increasing infrastructural, real estate, and other costs have pushed up the BPO salaries.

Indian business process outsourcing has been growing fairly rapidly and holds high promises for the future. When it comes to precision and timely execution, Indian BPO sector delivers quality of service that is at par with international standards. The leading BPO-ITES cities of India have been earmarked as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, NCR, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune.

BPO sector in India is expected to grow in future but at the same time with the other countries such as Philippines, Europe, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco emerging to claim their share of the BPO industry, India’s stake will definitely decrease.