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Christmas Festival

Christmas festival is on Wednesday, the 25th of December 2013

Occasion of Christmas celebrations

Christmas Day celebrations are held on 25th December every year in remembrance of the birthday of Jesus Christ. It a holiday not only for Christians all over the world, but is looked upon as a major celebration by almost all the other communities.

Highlights of the festival

[caption id="attachment_1723" align="alignright" width="350" caption="A decorated tree on Christmas festival"]Christmas tree[/caption]

Christmas has evolved in a big way and is now celebrated with huge fanfare by the young and old alike. Some very popular Christmas Day customs include gifting neighbors, friends and relatives, exchanging greetings cards, decorating Christmas trees, special church celebrations, decorating the house and premises with colored lights. Santa Claus forms a major part of the celebration. Children hang stockings on the Christmas Eve and expect to wake up with the lot of gifts from Santa Claus in the morning. Not only houses, even business complexes and shopping centers get decorated brightly with artificial snow, Santa Claus replica, shining Christmas trees, brilliant color paper decorations, balloons, etc. People eat, drink and make merry.

Special recipes are cooked and family get-togethers are planned. Children in schools prepare special acts showing the nativity scenes and the appearance of the guardian angels to the shepherds, who direct them to the manger where Christ was born. The scene of the Wise men surrounding baby Jesus is very popular. The Gifts of the Magi mark the beginning of the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts.

Christmas preparations begin almost a month ago. Special Christmas cakes are baked and distributed among near and dear ones. Pious Christians believe in donating generously during this time of the year. New clothes are worn and vacations and planned. People plan nice things to celebrate the whole week till the New Year. So practically, Christmas celebrations continue for the entire week. Christmas carols are practiced to be sung in various functions held on this day and also to be sung in Church ceremonies. It is a party time for most people.

Commercial aspect

Nowadays, Christmas has generated unlimited commercial scope; and businesses all over the world try and take advantage of this occasion to boost their sales. Right form Christmas lights, Christmas stamps, Christmas trees, Santa Claus forms, cards and other unique home decorations, gift baskets, to clothes and even vacations, everything is promoted.

Stores Open on Christmas Day

Hoping to see any stores open on Christmas Day? Retailers like Walmart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us were open last year on Christmas Eve, but all were closed on the Christmas Day. Walgreens was the store opened in previous years. You need to check out the official websites of the popular stores and call their office in order to determine which store and at what locations are open on the chritmas day. You may also check in the newspapers for any advertisements and news of stores open on the christmas day. Some food stores, retail stores, electronic stores, department stores could also open this christmas day.

Some stores were open on Thanksgiving day but as Christmas day 2013 is concerned, there is a lesser possibility of stores which will remain open. Christmas eve could see many stores having half days or remain open till late hours, it depends.

New Christmas Songs 2013

Christmas music is getting its due attention and is increasing day by day as the festive season is drawing to its peak. Music has always had the power to cheer spirits up and no festival is complete without music. Brighten the smiles and lighten the hearts of your own and your near and dear ones through free Christmas music downloads. YouTube Christmas music brings the latest collection where you can also enjoy watching the videos apart from listening to the best Christmas music. Alternatively, you can log on to radio online. Tune up to the Christmas music station for 24-hour music, be it Christmas carols sheet music for piano, classical music, the new and the latest songs, or instrumental Christmas music. For videos of live Christmas music, YouTube is the best. Create, share and listen to free music streaming playlists. With access to Internet you can listen to your favorite Christmas music free or download country Christmas music along with the song lyrics. Listening to free Christmas music online is legal and safe if you have a strong firewall protecting your computer from viruses.  Kids can download and learn the lyrics by heart and wish Merry Christmas by playing live music in get together and family parties.

Any celebration seems incomplete unless you have some quality music at the background to pep up the atmosphere. Get the best of Christmas music sitting at the comfort of your house by listening to online songs. You can even enjoy the videos along with the songs through sites such as YouTube. Christmas music online brings you songs of all categories be it rock, pop, Jazz, hip-hop, country, Broadway, Latin, or classical. Christmas music radio provides you the option of hassle-free music without having to spend bandwidth for online Christmas music. Listen to free Christmas music online round the clock according to your choice from anywhere in this world.

Get into the groove and set your mood for the grand Christmas celebrations through free streaming Christmas music playlists organized and created by you for the occasion. You can listen to free Christmas music online non-stop as much as you want. All you have to do sometimes is to register yourself to the various Internet sites. Sometimes these are paid services and they charge you nominal membership charges for annual membership. You can even create your song lists of your favorite songs and play them repeatedly.

You can download free Christmas sheet music online for piano, for flute or for violin. You just have to download free Christmas sheet music and get them printed to serve your purpose. Download the most recent Christmas sheet music for trumpet or Christmas guitar sheet music to play in concerts and school functions. The free sheet music guides will take you through virtual tour to provide you the necessary finesse. With new sheets being added each day, you now have plenty of options to choose your favorite song. Practice with the help of free sheet music download to participate in the gala events of Radio City music hall Christmas spectacular. Listen to free online Christmas music and learn the tunes to rehearse and perform is public during various Christmas get-togethers. Listen to the latest songs through Christmas music online radio. You can now listen to Christmas music anytime of the day anywhere if you have access to Internet. Be it the school choir or the Church, performing is now easy with the help of virtual sheet music.

The most prominent Christian festival, Christmas, is an occasion to fill the lives of our dear and loved ones with unending happiness. Happy Christmas messages written with effort nicely engraved in the greetings card that you are sending to your loved ones can fill in their lives with so much more brightness and love. These messages for Christmas convey wishes and prayers for the happiness, prosperity and heath.

Christmas greeting card messages for business associates are formally written but are meant to sparkle the festive season with the year ahead full of success, glory, peace and happiness. Christmas greeting card messages for family come forth with the wish that the golden moments of the present turn into precious treasure of tomorrow to be cherished with fondness. View the bright and colourful online catalogues of a plethora of Christmas cards and choose the one that aptly conveys your message and you can also send these Christmas greeting card messages free by logging in or simply registering yourself.
Christmas Festival

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