Easter Festival

Easter is on 31st March in 2013, Sunday. In 2014, the date of Easter is 20th April and in 2015, Easter is on 5th April.

Resurrection from the dead

Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third after his crucifixion. This day of resurrection is celebrated by Christians as the Easter Day or the Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday occurs two days after Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday. On this day Jesus rose from the dead to ascend in the heaven. Easter marks the beginning of spring and hence joy. The Christians all over the world celebrate Easter with great fanfare and enthusiasm.

Easter eggs and Easter bunny

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There are many symbols associated with Easter. Apart from Easter bunny and Easter eggs, some other symbols such as rabbits, chicks, and lilies are also quite popular. It is believed that Easter Eggs represent the beginning of life. Rabbits and chicks symbolize the rebirth of the earth. And lily, especially the White Lily, also known as the Easter Lily is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. An important Christian tradition involves elders telling their children that eggs and other treats such as chocolate eggs or rabbits and marshmallow chicks have been delivered by the Easter Bunny in an Easter basket. Children get them after they wake up in the morning.

Easter Celebrations

Christians celebrate this auspicious day through a sunrise service or Sunday Mass and wear new clothes. The celebrations and feasting all over the world comprise many traditional Ester Games and interesting customs that have developed over the years. To name some of them: egg rolling, egg tapping, pace egging, decorating eggs and so on. These traditions have made Easter also very important from the commercial point of view. Easter gifts, greeting cards, confectionery such as cakes, chocolates, Easter eggs, marshmallow bunnies, peeps, and jelly beans are sold widely. The commercial aspect is greater because nowadays the non-Christians participate in Easter celebrations with equal if not more enthusiasm.

Families participate in sumptuous feasts along with partying and merry-making. Some families prepare Sunday roast made from lambs or ham. Easter breads such as Simnel cakes are baked along with fruits cakes and nut breads such as potica. Hot cross buns occupy their own place in these feasts. These are spiced buns with crosses on tops.

Legend associated with Easter

According to Christian legend, Jesus Christ was from Nazareth, a town in modern Israel. He was a well-loved and respected citizen so much so that he was considered to be the Son of God. The resurrection established Jesus as the powerful Son of God.