Great Indians

[caption id="attachment_690" align="alignright" width="238" caption="Portrait of Lakshmibai, the Ranee of Jhansi, (c. 1850s)."]Rani of Jhansi[/caption]Indians are well known in the world whether they are freedom fighters, poets, rulers, kings and queens, political leaders, sports persons or the famous personalities. Their courage and devotion towards achieving their goals have not only made them stronger and brought fame to them but they are now regarded as the icons and idols by the people in India.

Below is the list of the great Indians that have made a mark in their respective areas:

  • India Freedom fighters

  • India Leaders

  • India Kings and Queens

  • India Sages, Rishis and Saints

  • India Scientists and Philosophers

  • India Devotees

  • India Poets

  • India Personalities

  • India Authors/Writers

  • India Dancers

  • India Astronauts

  • India Sportspersons