Saturday, September 25, 2010

India in Pictures

India is a diverse, colorful society where people of different religions and cultures live together. One of the oldest civilizations and the largest democracy of the world, India is a multilingual, multiethnic, multireligious and multipolitical nation. The people in India are from different ethnic backgrounds and and speak a number of languages. The major religion is Hindu and the other religions include the Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jews and the Parsis etc. India is proud of its Unity in Diversity. India is one and history has shown that inspite of aggressions and communal wars since time immemorial, India has stood one and nobody could ever destroy the country and neither will be in future. Despite the people from varying castes, creed and culture, Indian people has spread the message of love and peace globally. See India coming alive in its true sense, see the awesome photographs of incredible India. The India pictures section presents a wide variety of pictures including the cultural representations, travel, culture, trade, cuisine, arts, music and literature.

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