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India is a land of multi religious society where people of different cultures and castes live simultaneously. The people belonging to different religions have their own traditions and faiths. They have their own food habits like people in Punjab like to have “sarson ka saag” as one of their meals while idli, sambhar, vada and dosa are some popular dishes in the south of India. The main dish in North India is chapatti or roti with dal or subzi. As the earlier India had been ruled by different dynasties, much of the cultural change is attributed to it.

There is a lot of respect for Women in India. Women prefer to wear saris or suits although much of the city women do wears a t-shirt and a jeans combination and it is quite common. Men usually wear shirts and trousers or jeans and kurta pyjamas. Although much of the women had been restricted to household in the earlier times, now the time has changed and you can see in every city of India, Women are now coming out of their homes not only for the financial prosperity of the family but also becoming independent.

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The Indian family values are very affectionate and strong. You can see the male child and daughter in law of the family touching the feet of their parents as a mark of respect and regard. This can be compared to the worshipping of god in India. Indians fold their hands for the puja or worshipping of god and do touch the feet of the god as this is considered as a great mark of respect for the god. Although all religions have some different faiths, this is mostly seen for the Hindus (major religion of India) as they worship the lord through idol or murti puja. The different religions in India are many, higher percentage consists of the Hindus and the others are Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Buddhists etc.

Festivals in India are numerous and are celebrated throughout the year. Although the list is endless, the most common and popular festivals are Deepawali or Diwali, Id, Dusherra, Navrati-puja or the goddess Durga puja held for 9 days, onam, holi and the Christmas. Most of the festivals are dedicated in worshipping god.

There are also many languages spoken in India, the most important ones being the Hindi and English. The Indian govt. has officiated 22 languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Punjabi etc.