Sunday, September 26, 2010

India Sports

Indian people love to have cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, lawn tennis, golf, badminton and chess as the popular sports. Though the national sport of India is hockey, popularity wise cricket is the national obsession.

History of India states sports as the popular means to stay happy and get involved with the society and it dates back to the Vedic era.Numbers of sports have been originated in India like the snakes and ladders, playing cards, Polo, chess and the martial arts of Judo and Karate and now these sports have been modernized and are being played in different countries.

Many sports has now taken prominent positions in Indian culture. Sports industrialization especially with regard to cricket has brought more time for the people to attend and follow as spectators, participation in sports activities, and an increased enthusiasm.

Sports in ancient India were concerned with the development of the physique and for the art of offense and defense. Also, sports played a big role in the development of a man’s personality.

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