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India Transportation

People in India used to travel long distances on foot previously. In fact, even now one can see people walking, traveling and covering kilometers in villages. Bullock carts were also used as a medium of transport. This medium of transport is not much in use now especially in big cities, some states are still using bullock carts as a transportation medium.

Palanquin or “palkee” was regarded as the prestigious traveling medium. Rich people used to have this transport. Britishers also used it as a royal symbol. In Indian Marriages, the occasion of the bride going to the bridegroom’s home in the palkee was considered as auspicious. In the old days and even now, the statue of the deity in temples is being taken outside of the temple in the palkee.

Horse carriages or “Tonga” was also used in the early days but it is rarely found now except for tourist purposes.

Cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws are currently in use in the country and the cycle rickshaw is regarded as one of the cheapest mediums for transport and is mostly used to travel shorter distances. A fare-meter is installed in the auto rickshaw. Larger auto rickshaws are also operational in Delhi and they are known as phat-phat. Manually pulled rickshaws wherein a person pulls the rickshaw are seen in Kolkata.

Bicycles or cycles are also currently in use.

Buses are one of the cheapest mediums of transportation in India. In Delhi, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is regarded as one of the economical, reliable and properly coordinated system of transportation. DTC has launched low floor buses popularly called as green buses and there are AC buses started afresh popularly called as red buses. There are also private operators called blue lines buses and chartered buses available.

[caption id="attachment_663" align="alignright" width="294"]India Transportation DND Flyway also known as Toll Bridge connects NOIDA with Delhi.[/caption]

Vans or minibuses are also there to transport one from one place to another. In Delhi, you can take an RTV for a shorter kilometers distance.

Taxis can be hired from almost any place by going into their respective taxi-stands or through telephone. This is also a transportation medium. A fare-meter is installed in the taxis and one has to pay what price the fare-meter is having.

Among two-wheelers, scooters, bikes and mopeds are popular as self-conveyance transportation mediums as they are fuel-efficient and very easy to use in congested traffic throughout India. Hero-Honda, Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors are some of the private players which are into both the scooters as well as motorbikes production.

In the automobile sector, Maruti, Hyundai and Tata Motors are some of the big names in the four-wheeler industry. Maruti 800, Maruti Alto, Maruti WagonR, Hyundai Santro and Tata Motors Indica are some of the popular names in the country. These companies produce small as well as luxurious segment cars which all are very popular. Because of the price tag, two wheelers market hold is many times as that of the four-wheelers. These companies have also launched many utility vehicles like Tata Sumo, Mahindra and Mahindra’s Scorpio.

Pollution-free modes of transport include the trams currently operational in Kolkata and the Metro train. Mass rapid transit systems like the Metro are functional and operate in the major cities in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. The fist place where this type of transit system became operational was in Mumbai. With Metro constructed in Delhi in the record time, it has eased much of the traffic.

Among the longer distance travels, Indian Railways is regarded as the best. India’s rail network is the largest network in the world and Indian Railways is the biggest in the world in terms of number of employees. One can take Express trains or can take the fastest ones like the Shatabdi and the Rajdhani. Indian Rail network is also operational in neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh and the rail lines are under construction for some more of our adjacent neighbors.

Many expressways have been made in the country for better road transportation. For freight transportation, major ports for trade are are Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Visakhapatanam, Kandla and an extensive inland waterways system also supports it.

Air travel is also one of the best and time saving mediums of transportation. Many private players along with the national carriers Air India and Indian Airlines are successfully running their operations. The air network has grown big and that is why this sector has attracted investments from overseas. Private airlines such as IndiGo Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Deccan are operating in the domestic as well as international markets.

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