Sunday, September 26, 2010

India Wildlife Tours

[caption id="attachment_642" align="alignright" width="343" caption="Bengal Tiger"]Panthera tigris[/caption]

Geographical vastness and varied topography of India makes it an ultimate adventure travel destination. Wildlife adventure travel in India is a lifetime experience and you will remember the sweet memories associated with it forever.

Emabark upon the safari tours during the wildlife expedition in India. Among the safari tours, the options are jeep safari, elephant safari, or a camel safari and the experience is good for nature lovers. As adventure sports, the wildlife expedition also has not been highlighted much by the world media as compared to wildlife of Africa. One can see the numerous animal reserves, national parks and rain forests, wildlife and bird sanctuaries. Rajasthan offers a good safari adventure over camel.

An expedition in jeep safari will take you through the remote destinations and deserts of Rajasthan and you get to see and interact with the culture and lifestyle of people and the ruins of ancient buildings and monuments. West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka are some of the famous wildlife enriched states of India.

Nature and wildlife unfold tremendously in too big to be explored the Kaziranga National Park located in Assam. While touring to the park, the tour operator will help you book an eco resort near the park and you can have a stay their and rest completely for a night. You can spot deer, monkeys, cats, birds and most importantly the rhinos (as it houses 70% population of one-horned rhinos of the world) throughout the road while traveling. You can also enjoy the elephant safari.

The Gir forest is the only habitat of Asiatic Lions. Jim Corbett national park, Manas, the Great Himalayan national park and Periyar wildlife sanctuary are wildlife sanctuaries that are being visited by the people more often. The wildlife sanctuaries are home to the most exquisite and endangered species of India. The rich flora of India acts as a shelter to unique forms of plant and animal life.

Tigers and Leopards are common to see in the wildlife sanctuaries. You can also visit the bird sanctuaries of India, the famous ones being Bharatpur or Keoladeo Ghana National Park and Corbett National park where you can have a glimpse of various wild birds, numerous mammals and reptiles.

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