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Nagaur Festival

Nagaur fair falls on 12th - 20th Feburary in 2013 and on 6th - 9th Feburary in 2014 (Thursday - Sunday).

Nagaur Fair - Introduction

Nagaur Fair is a unique example of the rich cultural heritage of India. It reflects the true colors and spirits of India and Indians. The tradition of such fairs has originated from old Indian religious beliefs, myths, the seasons, and agricultural and cattle-rearing occupations of India. Nagaur Fair was founded by the king Umed Singh of Jodhpur dynasty in the honor of Ramdeoji, more than 55 years ago and since then it is held regularly every year.

Time and Venue

Nagaur Fair is held in the Rajasthani town of Nagaur, located between Jodhpur and Bikaner. It is usually celebrated in the month of Magh as per Hindu calendar, which falls sometime between late January and early February months, according to the English calendar. Nagaur is connected to all the major cities of India by railways. Buses connect all the nearby towns and cities to this small and lively town.

Highlights of Nagaur Fair

Naguar Fair is the second largest cattle fair of India and Rajasthan. The township of Nagaur is one of the most picturesque towns of India. A primary attraction of this fair is a ride on the beautifully adorned Marwari horses. Cattle trading is the primary activity carried out by the people attending this fair. An astounding number of approximately 70,000 bullocks, camels, and horses are traded in this fair every year.

[caption id="attachment_1732" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Marwari Horse in Rajasthan. Battle horse of the Rajputs."]Marwari horse Nagaur Rajasthan[/caption]

The animals that are traded are adorned with colorful accessories along with their owners who also wear colorful, ethnic garments and colorful turbans, and exhibit their long moustaches. This fair also hosts the biggest red chilly or lal mirchi bazaar. Varied other items are brought to the fair to be traded such as wooden items, iron carvings, camel leather products, etc.

Added attractions that pull huge crowds from within the country and outside are sports competitions such as tug-of-war, bullock and camel races, and cockfights. Skilled professional entertainers such as jugglers, puppeteers, storytellers, fortunetellers, and magicians add an extra flair to Nagaur festival. The peace and serenity of the deserts get soaked with the melodious tunes of the Rajasthani folklores. The campfires of the evenings along with the organized sports and cultural activities bring down a lot of foreign tourists from all around the world to have a feel of the traditional festivals of India.

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