Sunday, September 26, 2010

Restaurants in India

India is a country of diverse cultures, languages, regions, religions and climate. The essence of Indian cuisine is the use of aromatic spices and different regions of India offer their own unique dishes. The Indian food is world famous mostly because of its delicious, distinct, and diverse taste. Indian restaurants offer so much variety and tastes that there are literally plenty of options to choose from.

The unique blend of spices and varying styles of cooking with butter, oil, cream and fresh herbs of different Indian states in the Indian cuisine has been there since centuries and it is one of the reasons why the Indian food is most sought after food across the world. There are many restaurants in India and you can find them in every nook and corner of the city and food items like roots, cereals, pulses, wheat, and rice form the main portion of the diet of an average Indian.

Indian restaurants serve lunch buffet/dinner typically consisting of Basmati rice, naans and parathas or paranthas (Indian breads) with curd and pickles, 2-3 vegetarian dishes, Daal(lentil soup), aloo rolls and kheer(sweet dish).

The appetizers in the restaurant menu can include the not too spicy “samosas”, the triangular shaped appetizer containing potatoes, peas and other vegetables along with green and red chutneys. The lunch and dinner can contain tandoori rotis, biryani, curry and other vegetables. You will love the “makke ki roti” with “sarson ka saag”, a Punjabi dish from North India served with gur, shakkar and butter or the typical South India’s dishes like dosas, idlis or wadas served with sambar. Most of the dishes that are available in the menu are vegetarian dishes because of the traditional and religious beliefs since time immemorial, although you can find non-vegetarian dishes also in many. For drinks, you can take beer and if you do not take beer, try “lassi” instead. Lassi is a drink made with curd and it can be sweet as well as salty, just like a milkshake.

Kulfi, ice-cream and gulab-jamuns serve as good desserts after the meal. Give Indian food a try by eating some of the finest traditional and contemporary dishes and you will enjoy and remember the taste of the tongue.

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