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Teej Festival

Festival of Teej - Introduction

Teej festival is basically a fasting festival for the Hindu women. This festival is celebrated on the third day of Shukla Paksha in Bhadrapad or Bhado month that normally comes in the month of August or early September according to English calendar. Hindu women keep fast on this day for the sake of marital bliss and well being of spouse and children. It is also believed that they undergo a purification of their own body and soul.

The festival is a unique combination of rigid fasting and then followed by feasting sumptuously. This festival also marks the arrival of monsoon and hence respite from the oppressive heat of the summer months. The festival derives its name from a small red insect of the same name of Teej that comes out of the soil during rainfall.

Hariyali TeejKajari TeejHartalika Teej
201310th August 2013 (Saturday)23th August 2013 (Friday)08th September 2013 (Sunday)
201430th July 2014 (Wednesday)13th August 2014 (Wednesday)28th August 2014 (Thursday)
201517th August 2015 (Monday)01st September 2015 (Tuesday)16th September 2015 (Wednesday)

Celebration of Teej in Jaipur

In Jaipur, during Teej the pleasant fragrance of the rains moistening the parched land mingles with the gaiety of numerous swings hanging from the rain washed trees. The women dress especially in green and sing songs celebrating the advent of the monsoons. In Jaipur, Teej is known to be dedicated to Goddess Parvati, in commemoration of her union with Lord Shiva. The women folk worship Parvati asking for her blessings for conjugal bliss and happiness. Covering the idol of Teej with a canopy, women take out an elaborate procession that continues for two consecutive days and is watched by young and old alike in large numbers.

Celebration of Teej in Chandigarh

Teej is celebrated with ardor in Punjab and is known as Teeyan. All communities participate in this seasonal festival celebrating the ushering in of the monsoons. Punjabi's too celebrate Teej by hanging swings from trees and women are seen dancing merrily a dance form known as Gidha. Married women visit their parents during Teeyan. Varied cultural programs are organized in various parts of the city. The women of the family are pampered with lavish gifts and new dresses.

Celebration of Teej in Nepal

Nepalis call the first day of Teej the Dar Khane Din. On this day, the women deck themselves in gorgeous dresses and gather at a place dancing and singing devotional songs and indulging in grand feasts. The second day is of rigid fast while the third day is marked by elaborate pujas and bathing with red mud and the roots and leaves of datiwan bush to absolve themselves of all sins.

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