Top B-schools in India

There are many business schools in India offering MBA and other courses.The MBA from any of these top and best B (business) schools surely gives you a big name and repute in the business world. Companies across the globe come hiring the best Indian talent from these top-B schools in India. Because of the best infrastructure, a variety of management programs and excellent teaching faculties, these B schools or business schools in India are not only ranked top B-schools in India alone but also in the world.These business schools offer a variety of programs such as Fellowship Program in Management, Faculty Development Program for Management teachers and Trainers, Management Development Program, Post Graduate Program in Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management, and Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management. One of these top B-Schools also provide a two-year post graduate programme emphasizing on Experiential learning, IT orientation, and Social Sensitivity. They also offer a range of long-term full-time diploma programs.

The fees of most of the courses offered by these business schools are surprisingly high. These B-schools have some of the finest faculty in the world and over years they have created a unique as well as sustainable visiting faculty model. These schools harbour some of the world best academicians from the highest universities such as Wharton, Kellogg, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Duke and Texas. These schools primarily attract attraction because of their very fast rate of placements with whopping salaries.

There are short-term courses for working professionals such as the eighteen month program of Executive Post Graduate Program. They churn out the top and middle level managers for the leading business enterprises all over the world. Tuition fees range from approx 15 lacs to somewhere around 9 to 10 lacs. The qualifying exam for entering these B schools is Common Entrance Test or CAT. Lakhs of students from every discipline prepare each year for CAT. There are innumerable coaching centres offering guidance to the candidates aspiring to get admission in one of these business schools. The campuses are magnificent and learning acquires a new dimension through the latest methods of teaching and imparting education and knowledge retention.

The business schools have been surveyed on the basis of six main parameters such as learning experience, living experience, brand value, return on investment and future orientation and almost all of these schools have rated very high. Some of these business schools are over half a century old and have since enjoyed adulation and are still rated among the best. These schools have consistently maintained their education standards and have survived the competition market and the ever-mushrooming B-schools in the country.

These are the top-10 b-schools in India ranked by outlook:

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

  • Xavier Labour Relations Inst, Jamshedpur

  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore

  • National Inst of Industrial Engg, Mumbai

  • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

  • SP Jain Inst of Management, Mumbai

  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar

  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi

  • Inst of Management Technology, Ghaziabad