Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travel Tips

Before traveling to India, research for the places you are going to travel as some information regarding that can prove to be good.

  • Don’t eat roadside or street foods. Always prefer to eat at a proper place where hygiene is a top priority. Eat cooked food in a good hotel or restaurant and make it a rule of thumb to wash hands before you go to eat or dine out.

  • Have a lot of yoghurt also called as curd and better known as “dahi” in India. It will help your body adapt to the environment.

  • Mosquitoes can cause trouble if you are traveling in the summer season. A mosquito repellant can be a good choice for this. Prefer to bring it with you.

  • Prefer bottled water instead of the tap water for drinking. Make sure the bottle is seal packed.

  • Prefer a guide when you are traveling and visiting tourist spots.

  • Make reservations in advance when going out of the city or any hotel accommodation.

  • Learn to speak a few words in the Indian language or of the particular state you are visiting. Hindi is very common and almost all people know the language with some exception in the South India.

  • A backpack with a plenty of space can be a good choice for luggage.

  • There are multiple ATMs of different banks and you can withdraw your money from them. Also, there are money exchange centers. Do not give your money to anyone unknown and exchange from official money exchangers. Retain your receipts for the journey.

  • You can also exchange money at the airports.

  • Tip the porters 20-30 rupees who carry your luggage and also you can tip the waiter of the hotel or restaurant.

  • Be cautious as sometimes your things could get stolen. You must lock your bags every time you get outside. And don’t put your money, traveler’s checks and passports in your hotel room. Keep them with you all times. Also do have a copy of all of them.

  • People in India are friendly and they have a high respect for the guests in their country. Guests are treated as god in India. But because of some bad people, your traveling experience can be a nightmare. So be alert and maintain a vigil for a person being too friendly as they might try to get money from you by selling or telling something. Try to stay away from touts if you find any. To get rid of them, just ignore them and if they still do not leave, show your anger and tell them they will call the police at the telephone number 100. This will make them go away. If you dial 100, it is the police number throughout India.

  • If you are traveling for the first time, don’t tell it to anyone except your faithful or known people.

  • Always lock up your personal belongings which you leave up in the hotel room.

  • Carry with you some bare minimums like the first-aid box containing anti-septic, band-aids and mosquito-repellant.

  • Always take a prepaid taxi if available for going somewhere. It will be fine as the rates have been fixed up by the govt. and if you do not find it, do negotiate the deal as they may overcharge you. All airports in major cities have a prepaid taxi counter. Avoid taxis that may bring in more passengers and do not share your taxi with anyone you do not know.

  • Don’t try to show off your wealth and expensive items as this can be dangerous.

  • Do help the needy people and persons in trouble but make sure they are genuine who do not try to molest you in some way or take away money or personal belongings from you.

  • Don’t get mobbed by beggars. If you want to give some money to them, prefer to give them at the time when you are leaving a place. An experience with beggars in India can be irritating and disturbing.

  • If you are buying any packaged goods, make sure you do not pay more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) written on the pack.

  • Always wash fruits before eating them and do not take them from the roadside vendors.

  • Do carry sunglasses and sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburn. You can also wear a hat.

  • Do not smoke in public places.

  • Never leave your valuables unattended.

  • Respect religious sentiments and places of worship. Never wear any dress that can raise eyebrows inside the religious premises. Do dress properly. Remove footwear when going inside the religious places. Indian women prefer not to shake hands but you can greet them with a simple Namaste which is folding off hands together and bowing your head a little bit in front of them. Do not wear revealing clothes or clothes showing exposure of your body. It can hurt religious sentiments and it can also lead women in becoming a victim of crime. Smoking is also not done by women in India. Do not talk to strangers and avoid going too late alone in the dark.

  • If you wear traditional Indian clothes like salwaar kameez or sari, you can get a lot of respect from Indians.

If you get trouble in some way, contact a nearby Police Station or mobile PCR van or you can also contact at the help desk of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India at this email id:
HelpDesk :

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