Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar is situated in Maharashtra about 220 kms from Mumbai and about 180 kms from Pune. It is a green plateau covered by forests. The plateau is crisscrossed by long pretty roads and also has ample paths specially carved for horse rides. Fruit trees such as gooseberries, raspberries, and strawberries and also vegetables such as beans, carrots, and radishes are cultivated in plenty. It is equally popular as a honeymoon destination and a weekend getaway.

Mahabaleshwar was developed as a health resort way back in 1829 by Maharaja Pratapsinha.  It was actually a jail for Malay and Chinese prisoners. Mahabaleswar was formerly known as Malcolm Peth during the British rule and later on acquired its current name. The word Mahabaleshwar is derived from a Sanskrit word that means Almighty with great power.

[caption id="attachment_991" align="alignright" width="336" caption="Pratapgarh Fort. The upper fort is visible to the right of the photograph, while the outworks of the Afzul tower stretch away to the left."]Pratapgarh or Pratapgadh fort near Mahabaleshwar[/caption]

How to reach

By road
Mahabaleshwar is well connected by road to the nearby major cities of like Mumbai, which is 290 kms away, Pune about 120 kms away, and also Panchgani situated just 19 kms away.

By rail
Pune is also the nearest major railway station to the city of Mahabaleshwar and is well connected to all other cities of India.

By air
Pune is the nearest airport to Mahabaleshwar and it is 120 kms away.

Places to see
Wilson Point
also known as sunrise point is the highest point. There are also similar points such as Connaught Peak, Elphinstone Point, Marjorie Point, Castle Rock Baghdad Point, Babington Point, Northcote Point, Falkland Point, Carnac Point, Fitzerald Point, Bombay Point, Gaolani Point, Lodwick Point, Panchgani Point, and Helen’s Point. Arthur’s Seat is the famous of all points and overlooks deep valleys on either sides and offers a fascinating view and so is the most popular all points. Situated very close to this place is the Tiger’s spring, the source to the river Savitri. The Window Point and the Kate’s Point offer glimpses of the valley of River Krishna.

Famous spots you must not miss
Pratap Gadh Fort containing the famous tomb of Afzal Khan is an important tourist spot. Apart from this there are refreshing waterfalls such as Chinamans, Dhobi, and Lingmala. Also there’s a polo ground and a bee-keeping center worth visiting. Some famous temples such as Panchaganga Mandir, Shri Sankar Mandir, and Shri Krishnabai Mandir also draw a lot of crowd.

Strawberry crushes and fruit extracts like jams and jellies along with honey is very famous and primary attractions for shoppers. Another delicacy among the localities, a sweet dish called chikki, is available in a wide variety.

Places to stay
Brightland Holiday Village, Hotel Surya Retreat, Hotel Saket Plaza, Sai Resort, Hotel Panorama, Valley View Resorts, Krishna Continental, Ashirvad Bunglow, Cliff Inn Resorts, Blue Country Resorts, Hotel Millenium Park, Hotel Summer Plaza, Grand Resorts, Shreyas Orchid Resorts, Hotel Lake View, Swiss Country Resort, and Hotel Five Hills Resort are some of the many hotels and resorts dotting the city of Mahabaleshwar.

Best time to visit
Mahabaleshwar has a pleasant climate and is good for visiting almost throughout the year, with temperature ranging from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Cotton clothes are apt for the summers and light woolens recommended for the very mild winters.

Mahabaleshwar has pleasant climate all through the year. It never experiences extreme climates because of its coastal location. It is around 4500 feet above sea level and thus is cool all round the year.