Panchgani Hill Station

panchganiPanchgani, as the name suggests, is surrounded by five hills and is located at an altitude of 1334 meters. Panchgani clearly reflects the remnants of British culture with its colonial buildings, houses designed in Parsi style, and boarding schools that have existed for more than a century now. Panchgani is also famous as a health resort, especially for people suffering from tuberculosis.

Panchgani, comfortably spread across the Eastern Ghats, in Maharashtra was a summer resort during the British Raj. John Chesson first initiated the building of infrastructure in Panchgani by persuading the localites belonging to various professions to come and settle in Panchgani. He is looked upon as the founder of Panchgani and the city people observe his death centenary through an elaborate ceremony.

Legend if any associated with it
Panchgani has a legend associated with it through the caves called Devil’s Kitchen. It was believed that the Mahabharata famous Pandavas had stayed here for some days and have used this cave as their kitchen.

How to reach

By air
You can reach Panchgani via Pune, the nearest airport, which is situated about 98 kms away and is well connected to all major Indian cities. The next closest major airport is Mumbai, 266 kms away.

By Rail
Pune is also the most important railway station closest to Panchgani and is situated about 98 kms away. Other major railway station is Mumbai, approximately 266 kms away.

By road
The road from Mumbai to Panchgani goes via Mahad and is just about 20 kms from Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is well connected by roads to all major cities. The journey from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani unfolds breathtaking beauty around every hilly bend and curve and offers the view of the River Krishna on one side and the coastal plains at the other side of the mountains.

Places to see
Sydney Point is located on the top of a small hill and offers magnificent views of the Krishna River snaking its way across the mountain sides. Table Land is a plateau made of laterite rock and has some major attractions for the tourists in the form of caves. Devil’s Kitchen is located on this tableland and carries the legend of being inhabited by the Pandavas for some time. Dhom Dam offers the pleasure of lovely boat rides and other sports and is about 21 kms from Panchgani. Parsi Point is actually a windy path and offers an outstanding view of the crystal clear blue waters of the Dhom Dam and the valley of River Krishna. The Lingamala waterfalls is situated on the Panchgani-Pune Road and trickles down steep mountain cliffs except in rainy season when it gushes down in torrents. Rajapuri Caves is about 10 kms from Panchgani and carries religious connotation as it has a Kartiekeya Temple and a Goddess Ghatjal Devi Temple that is revered locally.

Famous spots you must not miss
The Table Land, the second largest plateau of Asia with its legendary Devil’s Kitchen, is definitely a place not to be missed by tourists.

Places to stay
Cliff Inn Resort, Comfort Inn Dhanhills, Blue Country Resort, Hotel Millenium Park, Hotel Summer Plaza, Five Hills Resort are some options worth checking for a luxurious relaxing stay at Panchgani. The hotels run by MTDC offers comfortable sty at reasonable price but needs to be booked well before.

Best Time to Visit
The months of September to May are the best time to visit Panchgani.

Climate is quite pleasant throughout the year. Winter temperatures do not fall below 16 degrees and summer temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees.