Athirathram starts April 4 - 15, 2011, in Panjal, Trichur, Kerala.

12 Days Supreme invocation of Vedas

Athirathram is the supreme invocation of vedic scriptures through chanting and homas for overall harmony of the universe. The 12-day vedic fire rituals aims to promote universal harmony, peace, prosperity and spirtitual enlightment. The vedic ceremony will be held at the Lakshminarayana temple and it is being organised by Varthathe Trust.

[caption id="attachment_1449" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Athirathram - 12 Days Supreme invocation of Vedas starts in Kerala"]Athirathram 4000 years old rituals start April 35 years[/caption]

Oldest, largest and longest vedic ritual after 35 years

Athirathram is the oldest, largest and longest vedic ritual performed in the world, this time it is being held after 35 years.The last 'Athirathram' was held in 1975 in Panjal. Samaveda and Yajurveda customs precede the Athirathram.Because of the geographic and vaastu reasons, Panjal has been chosen as the perfect venue for Athirathram. Kuttiadikkal' rites have been performed at the 'yagashala' where the rituals and ceremonies will be managed and executed is perfectly positioned to draw the sun's energy. Specially designed 1,110 bricks have been taken from Chittissery for making the altar.

Thousands to visit, cost near 1Crore

15,000 people are expected to reach and witness this great spiritual experience every day and the rituals and ceremonies at Athirathram will cost near Rs. 1 Crore.

Athirathram rituals are 4,000 year-old

The 4,000 year-old Athirathram rituals will start with the vedic chantings and homas. The great yagna ceremony would be performed all day and night without any stoppage on the last 4 days. People of any/all relgious are invited to particiapte in the Athirathram. Frits Staal, a prominent professor and vedic scholar at the University of California, Berkeley will also grace the occasion. The scientific team of people, led by V.P.M. Namboodiri, a former director of the International School of Photonics, CUSAT has also been called to measure the effects of these rituals on the environment as well as the people.

Athirathram is one of the rare opportunities to take the blesssings of the almighty and it is a belief that childless couples who consume Soumyam on the 11th day are blessed with children.