Tukaram Jayanti

[caption id="attachment_1425" align="alignright" width="351" caption="The Marathi poet-saint Tukaram is taken up into Vishnu's heaven, Vaikunth"]Marathi poet-saint Tukaram[/caption]

Tukaram - Great Marathi Poet

Tukaram, one of India's greatest poets of 17th century belonging to Marathi language was a genious as his poems could deeply reflect the language and Marathi  literary  culture. As was Shakespeare to English and Goethe to German, Tukaram was to Marathi. He was great devotee of Sri Krishna. Some of the abhangs in appreciation of Sri Krishna - known as Lord Panduranga is immensely popular throughout India.

Tukaram was Shudra - A challenge to Brahmins

Born in 1609, SantTukaram was a shudra by caste and that was why his works had not been preserved in originality and because of the fact that he could write well on religious poems in Marathi, he was a challenge to Brahmins as they were only allowed to read and write the religious discorses. Many a times, Tukaram had to bore the displeasure of Brahmins.

Manuscripts Thrown in River and His Faith in God

In Tukaram's native village, Dehu, he was forced by Brahmins to throw all his works and manuscripts into the Indrayani river. He fasted for continous 13 days praying God to save his work from the waters of Indrayani river as he was told God would save all his works from the waters if he was a true devotee. At last, his prayers and fasting was awarded by God in the way, the manuscripts were perfectly restored and were undefaced. This was astounding and winning moment in the life of Tukaram as a poet and a saint. Tukaram was quite popular and was known as "Lord Pandurang incarnate" by his devotees, poetess Bahinabai was one such devotee. SaintTukaram had two wives Rakhma and Jija and great grandson, Gopalbuwa. He disappeared in 1650. March 21 is celebrated as Tukaram Jayanti.