Asiatic Black Bear

The Asian black bear is also known as Moon Bear or White-chested Bear. It is a medium sized species of bear, which is found in southern Asia, Korea, China, Russia, and Japan. As per the information and facts available from the wildlife conservation, this is highly endangered species and nearing to extinction.

Scientific Name of Asian black bear

Ursus thibetanus

Asian black bear Features and Facts

  • Length of life: About 30 years in zoos.

  • Size: 130 to 190 cm

  • Weight: 100 to 200 kg

  • Habitat: Forest areas in hills and mountains

  • Diet: Bees nests, insects, small vertebrates, invertebrates, fruit, carrion

  • Gestation: 4 to 6 months

Asian black bear Conservation

The Asiatic Black Bear is widely hunted for gall bladders and skin. Due to the growing demand for bear parts in Asian market, the size of this species declines. To protect this animal, many countries have banned the illegal hunting of this bear. Several international organisations are also come forward to protect the life of Asiatic Black Bear from extinction.

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