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Found in Indian subcontinent, the Blackbuck is listed as near threatened by IUNC since 2003. As per the facts and information from the wildlife conservation, there are fortunately 50,000 native individuals.

Scientific Name of Blackbuck

Antilope cervicapra

Krishna Mrigam’s skin (as Blackbuck is called in Kannada) plays a crucial role in the religion of Hinduism. Brahmins are traditionally required to have a strip of unleathered hide when they perform Upanayanam. Blackbuck is the state animal of Andhra Pradesh.

Features and Facts of Blackbuck

  • Body Length: 100–150 cm

  • Shoulder Height: 60–85 cm

  • Tail Length: 10–17 cm

  • Weight: 25–35 kg

  • Life span: 10-12 years

  • Status: Endangered

Conservation of Blackbuck

The population of Blackbuck is decreasing due to poaching, predation, habitat destruction, overgrazing, diseases, inbreeding and sanctuary visitors. This endangered species is also hunted for flesh and skin. The Indian government has strictly prohibited the hunting of Blackbuck with law. However, its population is under threat due to illegal encroaching of habitat and hunting. India has protected this species by the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

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