Saturday, May 7, 2011

Endangered species in India

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India is a huge country with a widely diverse wild life, but the growing needs of an ever increasing population, cutting down of forests or loss of biosphere reserves, intrusion into the core areas, illegal poaching, imbalance in the ecosystem, and hunt for food is threatening the wildlife in general and the endangered species in India in particular. As a result some of these species are on the border of extinction and can be called critically endangered. Serious efforts are being made by researchers and scientists to preserve these endangered species. General awareness is very important in making these movements and efforts successful. Government has passed stringent laws and has formulated rigorous policies for the protection and conservation of these wildlife populations.

The list of such endangered species is getting longer with each passing day: the Asian Elephant, the Tibetan Antelope, the River Dolphin of Ganges, Hispid Hare, Hoolock Gibbon, Indian Rhinoceros, Namdapha Flying Squirrel, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Malabar Large Spotted Civet, Siberian Tiger, Marsh Mongoose, Golden Leopard With Black Marks, Nilgiri Tahr, Pygmy Hog, Snow Leoard, Nicobar Shrew, Great Indian Rhinoceros, and the ferocious and popular Royal Bengal Tiger  are the names of the most widely discussed endangered species of India. The numbers are diminishing rapidly. To have an idea of the speed at which these animals are decreasing in numbers, let’s take the example of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The first census on Royal Bengal Tiger revealed the alarming fact that there are only about 1,847 tigers left presently from an astonishing figure of 40,000 in the beginning of the century.

Endangered species in India

Critically Endangered - Ganges Shark | Pygmy Hog | Himalayan Wolf | Indian Vulture

Endangered - Asiatic Black Bear | Snow Leopard | Wild Cat | Sei Whale | Banteng | Asian Arowana | Red Panda | Loggerhead Sea Turtle | Asiatic Lion | Royal Bengal Tiger | Markhor | Fin Whale | Olive Ridley Turtle | Lion Tailed Macaque | Chiru | Indus River Dolphin

Vulnerable - Takin | Brown Bear | Humpback Whale | Slow Loris | Clouded Leopard | Tiger | Gaur | Goral | Mouflon | Fishing Cat | Sloth Bear | Blackbuck | Asiatic Golden Cat | Wild Yak | Barasingha | Wild Goat | Indian Wolf | Dhole | Dugong | Indian Fox | Sperm Whale | Ganges River Dolphin | Lesser Panda | Golden Jackal | Marbled Cat

Threatened - Indian Wild Ass | Leopard | Red Fox | Kashmiri Stag

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