Fin Whale

Fin Whale is an endangered species of huge marine mammal and ranks second among whales and also among all living animals in size. Information and facts reveal that they are found in all major oceans of the world with highest population density in temperate climate with cool waters.

Fin Whale Scientific Name

Balaenoptera physalus

Fin Whale  Information and Facts

-Fin Whales have long and slender bodies with brownish-grey body color
-Average body size is 19-20 meters
-Could weigh as much as 70,000 kilos
-Females reproduce every two or three years with single births being more common
-Dives to depths of around 250 meters
-Feeds on fish, squids, and other crustaceans by gulping about 70 cubic meters of water while swimming at a speed of around 11 kilometers per hour
-Highest speed of swimming recorded to be more than 40 kilometers per hour
-Utter loud and long sounds of extremely low frequency

Fin Whale Conservation

Extensive hunting of Fin Whales in the twentieth century caused a massive decline in their population. Conservation methods are on to save it from extinction.

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