Ganges Shark

[caption id="attachment_1669" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Ganges shark or Glyphis gangeticus"]Ganges shark or Glyphis gangeticus[/caption]

Ganges Shark is an endangered species of requiem shark found in the Ganges River of India. It is also found in other rivers of Eastern and North Eastern India, such as Hoogly, Brahmaputra, and Mahanadi. It has a stocky appearance with a broad and sort of rounded snout, has small eyes, and has a brown or gray colored body with no distinct pattern.

Ganges Shark Scientific Name

Glyphis gangeticus

Ganges Shark Features and Facts 

-Freshwater or estuarine water body habitat
-First dorsal fin bigger than second dorsal fin
-Does not possess interdorsal ridge
-Has broad and falcate pectoral fins
-Can grow to a maximum size of 2 meters or 6.6 feet
-Not known to be dangerous to human beings but may be
-Primarily feed on small fish

Ganges Shark Conservation Need

Ganges shark is a seriously endangered species of india. Overfishing is the main cause of this crisis. It belongs to the Red List of 20 endangered shark species.

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