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The Gorals are small ungulates and look like goat or antelope. Found in rocky hillsides at high elevations, and the habitat is ranges from all over the world including India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan. As per the facts and information available from the wildlife conservation, this species is highly endangered species and in deep crisis.

Scientific Name of Goral

Naemorhedus goral

Features and Facts of Goral

  • Weight: 25-40 kg

  • Length: 80-130 cm

  • Gestation period: Approximately 6 months.

  • Life span: Up to 15 years.

  • Threats: Hunting, habitat loss due to forestry operations.

  • Status: Vulnerable

Conservation of Goral

As per the findings of IUCN, the Goral is an endangered species and its population is declined to below 10,000. It is due to habitat loss and illegal hunting. Now there are various local, national, and international laws for the protection of this species. To improve the population size of Goral, hunting of this species is prohibited with law in many countries.

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