Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indian Vulture

Indian Vulture is a critically endangered species of India found in central and peninsular India and also in the hills of Sind in Pakistan.

Indian Vulture Scientific Name

Gyps indicus

Indian Vulture Features and Facts

-Indian Vulture has a bald head, broad wings, and short tail feathers
-Breeds mainly on cliffs, but sometimes uses trees
-Starts breeding at the age of five years
-Saw 97%-99% population decline in India and Pakistan
-Comparatively smaller in size than other vulture species and weighs about 5.5-6.3 kilos
-Measures 205-229 centimeters wing-to-wing

Cause of population decline of Indian Vulture

Veterinary drug diclofenac, used to reduce joint pains of cattle is the primary cause of poisoning and the subsequent death of Indian Vultures through kidney failure when they consume the flesh of the dead cattle.

Indian Vulture Conservation

Captive breeding has been started in an effort to protect this species from extinction. As this vulture species is slow in breeding, it might take years for these conservation methods to succeed.

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