Indian Wild Ass

Indian Wild Ass is an endangered species found in Western India apart from, Sindh, Baluchistan, and Afghanistan. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation shows that the population of Indian Wild Ass has drastically declined because of being attacked by a disease called surra transmitted by flies and also because of loss of natural habitat due to human intervention and excessive grazing.

Scientific Name of Indian Wild Ass

Equus hemionus khur

Features and Facts of Indian Wild Ass

  • Indian Wild Ass has a sandy coat of reddish brown, chestnut, or fawn color

  • Commonly known as Khur

  • Animal population has increased to 4,000

  • Can run at a speed of 70-80 km per hour

  • Body length up to 260 cms

  • Feed on grasses, roots, leaves, fruits, plants and other crops

  • Body weight around 250 kilos

Indian Wild Ass Conservation

Conservation efforts by the Wildlife Protection Organizations have been working since 1969 to bring up the population. Various strategies such as introducing them to the deserts of Rajasthan and creating Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary in 1972 under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1973 brought about an increase in survival rate of these species.

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