Kashmiri Stag

Kashmiri Stag is an endangered species commonly called hangul, found in India and Pakistan. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation shows its population size has declined to 150 or lesser by 1970 from 5,000 at the beginning of the century.

Scientific Name of Kashmiri Stag

Cervus elaphus hanglu

Features and Facts of Kashmiri Stag

  • Body color is brown

  • Can be found singly or in groups

  • Feed on grasses, plants, leaves, etc.

  • Only survivor of the Red Deer family

  • Habitat ranges from valleys and mountains to forests

  • Often poached for their magnificent antler heads

Kashmiri Stag Conservation

Human interference is continuously destroying the natural habitat of Kashmiri Stag. A mere population of 190 is battling for survival in Dachigam National Park under the constant efforts by Indian Government to save these endangered species from extinction. Breeding them in captivity is their only chance of survival. Joint conservation efforts have been taken by IUCN and Jammu and Kashmir Government.

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