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Leopard is a threatened species and is the smallest of all in the cat family and is found in Asia and Africa but its numbers are alarmingly on the decline because of excessive hunting and also habitat loss. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation shows leopard population size has declined so much that it has been declared as a near threatened species by IUCN.

Scientific Name of Leopard

Panthera pardus

Features and Facts of Leopard

  • Leopards have short legs, long body, and a large skull

  • Can reach a running speed of about 58 kms per hour

  • Head and body length is 125cm -165 cms

  • Weighs 30-91 kilos (male) and 23-60 kilos (female)

  • Leopard habitat is usually grasslands, woodlands, or forests with rivers

  • Feed on almost everything from rodents, birds, insets, fish, monkeys, etc.

  • They are nocturnal and lead solitary life

  • Can live up to 21 years

Leopard Conservation

Human interference has destroyed  a large part of the natural habitat of Leopards. Reserve forests have been created in countries all over the world to conserve Leopards.

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