Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lion Tailed Macaque

The Lion-Tailed Macaque is seen in Western Ghats of South India. The hair of this species is dark brown or black. It ranks among the smaller macaques. IUCN reports the population of Lion tailed Macaques is less than 2500, which are scattered in the areas of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. As per the available facts and information, the size of population is abysmally decreasing and the species is highly endangered.

Scientific Name of Lion-Tailed Macaque

Macaca silenus

Lion-Tailed Macaque Features and Facts

  • Habitat: Tropical dry forest and tropical rainforest

  • Weight: Male - 7 kg, Female - 5 kg

  • Status: Endangered

  • Found In: Western Ghats of South India

Lion-tailed Macaque Conservation

Deterioration of natural habitat, widely hunted for meat and fur, etc has lead to decrease in the population of Lion Tailed Macaque. The species is dangerously in the face of extinction so the wildlife conservation organisation in India is taking effective measures to protect this species. Now the Indian law is protecting this endangered species.

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