Friday, May 6, 2011

Moatsu Festival

Moatsu Festival – The Most Enchanting Festival of Ao Tribes in Nagaland

Moatsu Festival, the famous festival of Ao tribes in Nagaland, is celebrated in the first week of May in every year. It is connected with many activities such as the construction of home, harvesting, cleaning, marriages, etc. By celebrating this Cultural Moatsu Festival of Nagaland, these tribes aim to get the blessings of God.

The Modus of Celebration

The tribes perform many rituals as a part of Nagaland Moatsu festival. They use the best rice beer, pigs and cows for the preparation of drinks and feast. Singing, dancing, eating and drinking are the most festival attractions. According to the information about Indian Moatsu festival, the tribes also celebrateSangpangtu symbolically, which is the major attraction of the Ao Moatsu festival. During this festival, the men and women will wear the traditional dresses and the wine and meat will also be served. In the culmination of merry making, they also celebrate Moatsü Mong. Sharing of customs and traditions are the objectives of this festival. There will not be any restriction in their dressing. They can wear even forbidden clothes as well. Even in the gust of modernisation, these tribes keep the serenity of the Naga tribes Moatsu festival.

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