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Mothers day

Mothers day is on 12th of May, 2013, Sunday.

Mothers day – The Most Memorable Day in One's Life

There is no need of devoting a day to remember the love, care and sufferings of a mother. However, fixing a Mother’s Day date is very important, because she need attention, caress and love from her children. Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day in different days. But in India, it is the second Sunday of May.

History of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis started the tradition of mother’s day in United States nearly 150 years ago. She organised a day to spread awareness about the poor health conditions of her community and she called the day as ‘Mother’s work Day.’ After the death of Anna Jorvis, her daughter Anna continued the work of her mother. She wished to dedicate a day for all others because men have lots of days but none for mothers. Though her dream came true she protested very strongly against the commercialisation of mother’s day. She fought till her end to stop the greed and profit making in the expense of the sufferings of her mother.  So the US President Woodrow Wilson declared the Mother's Day date on May 8, 1914 when he signed a Joint Resolution. Since then, the Mother’s Day is celebrating the second Sunday of May in US and many countries following this tradition. Before the death of Ann in 1948, she confessed that she regretted ever starting the mother's day tradition.

Mother's day Facts

Largest number of mom Mothers' day cards is sold on this day. In this day children expresses their gratitude to their mom and remember how special and precious she is for them. The youngest mother on record was Lina Medina. She delivered a boy child in 1939 in Peru at the age of 5 years and 7 moths.

Mother's day in India

The foreign festival, mother’s day is a great success in a culturally diverse country like India. Globalisation, together with the interaction of west played a very important role to make a strong presence of Mother’s Day in India. Internet and satellite revolution also played its own part to attach with Mother’s Day emotionally.

Things to do on Mothers' day

When Mother’s Day is approaching, there are lots of things to do. You can create special handmade cards for your mother and prepare a special Mother’s Day lunch for her.

Mothers day Jewelry

Motherhood is really an excited state in life. Each country celebrates motherhood in their own way. You can celebrate the day with jewelry, printable mother’s day cards, send mother an SMS or write a message or quote on your own. Information on Mothers day is there on the internet and anybody can take its help. Just select the most attracting jewelry piece for your mother. There are lots of websites providing info on Mother’s day jewelry. This will make your Mother feel special.

Some of the options for Mothers day jewelry are as follows:

Pearl Sets, Fashion Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry, Pendants, necklaces and lockets, Bangles and Bracelets, Diamond Stud Earrings, Watches, Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Stone jewelry, Jewelry Boxes, Handbags

Mothers Day Songs

Mother’s day is all about expression of your love towards your mother. If you feel that a merely saying of happy Mother’s Day is not enough to express your feelings in your heart, you can write a song for her. Heart touching mother’s day songs will a surely a priceless gift for your mother. So search out the most beautiful words from your heart to prepare touching mother’s day songs. It will definitely make your mother happy. If you are unable to write a mother’s day song on your own, you can search in internet for the best suitable songs for your mother.


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