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The Mouflon have a red-brown short-haired coat with a dark back-stripe and today, it inhabits in the Caucasus, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran. As per the facts and information available from the wildlife conservation, this endangered species in deep crisis and it is extinct from many parts of the country. Its habitat is steep mountainous woods near the tree line.

Scientific Name of Mouflon

Ovis orientalis

Features and facts of Mouflon

  • Size: Average 27 inches in height

  • Weight: Up to 100 pounds

  • Life Span: Approximately 15 to 20 years.

  • Diet: In the wild: grasses, sedges and forbs.

  • Habitat: They inhabit fairly dry upland and mountain areas

  • Status: Endangered

Conservation of Mouflon

The species is in highest risk of extinction in many parts of the world due to the hunting of Mouflon and the difficulty in finding enough food in the harsh environment. In order to protect this species from further deterioration, the governments all over the world have been introduced various laws to protect the habitat of Mouflon.

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