Ooty Summer Festival

Ooty will become more beautiful during the time of summer, and the tourists from all over the world will be flowing to this place not only because of attracted by the charms of Ooty but for attending the Ooty Summer Festival as well. This festival is conducted every May at the famous Botanical Garden in Tamil Nadu. So the greeneries in this garden will increase charming and attractiveness of this festival.

Attractions of the Festival

As a part of Ooty Summer Festival, lots of fairs and carnivals are also conducting. The Flower Show, which is organised during this festival, will be a venue of large variety of flowers. Boat Races, Fruit Shows, etc will add more resplendence to the festival. Apart from these exhibitions and carnivals, the Ooty Summer Festival will also host a number of cultural programmes. There will also be some adventurous programmes like trekking. Traditional classical arts shows will also be a feast for the visitors. The weather will be very favourable in the hill station during this time. In a nut shell, the Ooty Summer Festival aims to satisfy all the visitors who are attracted by the charming and beauty of this festival. That is why the number of visitors for this festival is increasing year after year.