Pygmy Hog

Pygmy Hog is an endangered species of small wild pig found in India, Nepal, and Bhutan but since it is getting extinct, it can only be found in Assam. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation shows its population size has declined to 150 or lesser in the world.

Pygmy Hog Scientific Name

Porcula salvania

Features and Facts of Pygmy Hog

  • Pygmy Hogs are 55- 71 centimeters in length

  • Tail is 2.5 centimeter

  • Weighs 6.6-11.8 kilos

  • Yellowish brownish stripes all over body

  • Life span of 8years

  • Breed on grassroots, rats, etc...

  • Critically Endangered

  • World's smallest pig

Pygmy Hog Conservation

Human interference has destroyed the natural habitat of Pygmy Hog. In 1995 PHPC was formed by Indian Government to save the extinction of these endangered species.  Various strategies were made like field survey, behaviour study, public awareness and breeding programme at Assam research and breeding centre of PygmyHog which brought increase in survival rate of these species.

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