Red Fox

Red Fox is an endangered species and the largest of foxes found in Asia, North Africa, and Central America. IUCN listed this species in the category of the least concern for extinction. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation shows red fox population has declined because of excessive hunting through centuries for their fur.

Scientific Name of Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Features and Facts of Red Fox

  • Long bodies with short limbs and 49-90 centimeters in length

  • Tail length is half the length of the body

  • Weighs 2.2-10 kilos

  • Has dense, silky and soft fur all over the body

  • Red Foxes live in open or in burrows

  • Omnivorous, feeding both on plants as well as small animals

Red Fox Adaptation

Human interference has destroyed the natural habitat of Red Fox. Red Foxes are harvested exclusively for fur trade. In an attempt for survival, Red Foxes are increasingly adapting to urban life feeding on man-made food.

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