Red Panda

Red Panda is an India's endangered species belonging to the arboreal mammal family found in the Himalayas in India and in China.

Red Panda Scientific Name

Ailurus fulgens

Red Panda Features and Facts

-Size slightly larger than domestic cat
-Body is covered by reddish-brown fur and also has a shaggy tail, with blackish fur on the lower side of the body
-Feeds mainly on bamboo but also eats various insects, birds and small mammals
-Red Pandas are active mainly in the dark hours
-56-63 cm in length from head to tail
-Has a roundish head, with upright ears, black nose, and dark eyes
-Solitary animals except during mating season

Red Panda Conservation

Number is estimated to be an alarming not more than 10,000. Red Pandas are protected by national laws but are seeing constant population decline. Red Pandas are even kept as pets and are sold at exorbitant prices. Breeding in captivity has been successful with more than 300 births in various institutions worldwide.

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