Tiger, the largest of the big cat family is an endangered species of India found in Bengal, Assam and other dense forest regions but is fast getting extinct. Information and facts provided by wildlife conservation revealed that tiger population has come down to 1,827 from 40,000 at the beginning of the century.

Tiger Scientific Name

Panthera tigris

Tiger Features and Facts

-Tigers can reach up to 3.5 meters in body length
-Can weigh up to 306 kilograms
-Rusty brown or reddish brown color coat on their body with a unique pattern of stripes
-Tigers are territorial animals with a territory of around 20 sq. kms
-Powerfully built head and shoulders help them to hunt preys much bigger than their body size

Tiger conservation

Constant interference of human beings is virtually destroying the natural habitat of Tigers and destroying their prey base. Poaching is widely prevalent as various parts of tiger’s body are used for preparing oriental medicines.  Project Tiger was launched as an immediate tiger conservation effort that covers 27 natural forest reserves of India.

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