Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wild Yak

The Wild Yak is a long haired animal falls under the Ox species. Once it was widespread in Tibetan plateau north of the Himalayas, in central China, India (Ladakh), Bhutan and Nepal. However, according to the facts and information available from the wildlife conservation, this is listed as an endangered species and the population size is abysmally declined.

Scientific Name of Wild Yak

Bos grunniens

Features and Facts of Wild Yak

  • Weight up to 1000 kg

  • Shoulder height is over 2 m(6.5')

  • Status: Endangered

  • Population size: less than 15000

Conservation of Wild Yak

Hunting by human is the root cause of decline of the population of Wild Yak. Habitat disturbance, hybridization, and competition with domestic yaks also contribute a larger part to land this species in deep crisis. The hunting and commercial trade of wild Yak is prohibited under law in order to protect this species from extinction. The animal lovers are also taken active measures to save the wild yak population.

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