Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

The feast of Saints Peter and Paul, is religious customary feast honoring Martyrdom in Rome of Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a catholic religious festival celebrated every year on 29th June. The saints had been imprisoned in the famous Mamertine Prison of Rome and both had visualized their progressing death. Saint Peter was crucified, Saint Paul, a Roman, was assassinated using sword as the weapon.

Cultural Significance - Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

  • The ceremony is age-old, the date chosen being the anniversary either of their death or of the interpretation of their relics.

  • First feast of catholicity, a majestic event.

  • Bishops assemble from all over the globe, people of different cultures come together, to offer pray and celebrate in the name of holy child Lord Jesus Christ.

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