Thursday, June 9, 2011

World ocean day

World ocean day June 8

World ocean day is being celebrated on June 8 in an effort to conserve the oceans that cover 70% of the Earth’s surface. World Ocean Day survey continues to research on sustainable seafood that refers to fish and seafood caught from the oceans, all the while ensuring health and stability of these species in the long-term in order not to disturb the ecological balance.

On this day, various activities are held all over the world to protect the ocean bodies and the marine environment from the impacts of climate change. Also there are constant efforts to improve the lives of the maritime laborers ensuring their safety and security. San Francisco celebrates this day with activities like beach cleanup drives and supporting shark conservation.

World Ocean Day in Magnetic Island is a fun-filled and happy festive occasion with eco-friendly market stalls and speakers, prizes for the winners of various activities, and seafood menus in the restaurants; all with an aim to educate both the visitors and the islanders.  Schools celebrate this day to create awareness among the future generation regarding how to safeguard and protect the environment in which they live and exhibit various unique World Ocean Day assembly ideas for students of all age groups.

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