Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daughters day Prayers

Daughters Day is the day to pray to God and thank Him for sending an angel into the lives in the form of a daughter. This is also the day to say prayers for daughters for their safety, protection and well being. There can be very meaningful and wonderful Daughters Day prayers composed for all the women; prayers to give them the strength to face all life’s challenges; prayers to live up to the expectations of the parents, the brothers, the husband and the world in general. Let us pray once more to the health and wealth of the softer sex this Daughters Day.

Daughters day Prayer

"I Pray to God to give our daughters the courage to deal with the worldly matters, may she always follows the path of goodness and glory, may she get a good husband after marriage and she live a life of love, peace and prosperity. Hey Lord, Please forgive my daughter's sins and do take care of her every now and then. For me, every day is a Daughter's Day."

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