Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

The state of Maharashtra is most well-known for the grand celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi. The people of the state, especially in Mumbai gather in huge numbers to celebrate the occasion. Huge pandals are erected, and immense-sized clay idols of Ganesha are placed in the pandals. People move in groups visiting the pandal decors and brilliant idols. On the last or the tenth day, these idols are carried in long and big processions accompanied by the beating of drums and songs for the immersion or the visarjan of the deity. Devotees take part in the processions in millions and dance all the way through the procession. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations continue for seven to ten days in most parts of India. Ganesh Chaturthi celebration also involves fasting and praying. Devotees can take bath early in the morning, wear fresh or new clothes . Start decorating the Ganesh idol with ornaments, fresh flowers and then chant Ganesha mantras and sholkas, Ganesha aartis  and carry offerings of various sweets like modaks and fruits as a form of Prasad and other delicacies and visit the nearest temple or pandal to worship or at home. Hyderabad is also known to have grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

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