Navratri Greetings

Navratri greetings in the form of printable cards are available for download on the internet from the websites, e-cards, greetings sent through the social networking sites, phone calls wishing friends and family members, SMS exchanging greetings are all an integral part of Navratre celebrations. As the festivities continue through the nine whole days, greetings pour in from all corners of the world for the Navratras. Community get togethers, grand feasts, garba dance, preparations of various special Navratri recipes are all a part of the celebrations. Wearing beautiful clothes and ornaments women go around greeting each other lovingly. Men in equally rich clothing also take an active part in the festivities. People go around meeting and greeting friends and family members and wishing all Happy Navratri. You can also show your creativity by preparing homemade Navratri greetings cards with special messages engraved on them.