Sunday, September 25, 2011

Navratri Photos

You can find glossy splendid photos of Navratri extravaganza splashed across all major newspapers and media channels during and after the celebrations. For more photos of Navratras, of the gatherings and dancing and rejoicing are available. People do also click pictures of personal celebrations and post those Navratri images in various social networking sites like orkut and facebook for friends and family to see. You can get a very good picture of the celebrations from the Navratri pics. The Navratre pics depict not only the gathering and the merriment but also the tasty dishes and the puja scenes and various other details of the rituals.


Sheran Wali MataMata RaniJyot of Mata RaniMata Rani at JagranKhetri PujanMata RaniSheronwali MataNavdurga MataJai Mata Di

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