Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teachers Day Games

In India, since time immemorial teachers have occupied a very special place in the minds of students and on Teachers’ Day students arrange a variety entertain program for their beloved teachers. There can so many entertaining and interesting games that can be arranged to celebrate the special occasion of Teachers Day. Most of these games for Teachers’ Day celebrations can be arranged easily and with little effort even by the smaller students.

Some of the most popular teacher games are as follows:

  • Couch Game
    This game is played between genders and the ultimate aim is to have all the members of one gender onto the couch and that team wins.

  • Dumb Charade
    Dumb charade is a widely popular game fitted for all ages and all occasions in which name of personalities, movies or songs etc. are guessed from actions. It is easy to play and everybody knows how to play. This game undoubtedly sees the maximum participation.

  • Musical Chair
    In musical chair, chairs are placed in numbers less than the number of participants and the participants walk round the chairs with accompanied music. The music abruptly stops and participants need to occupy a chair. One who is found without a chair gets out of the game. This continues till there’s only one chair and one winner who claims it.

  • Pass the Cushion
    Pass the cushion can be a light and fun game where the music is played and cushion is passed from one to another. The music stops randomly and  person who is holding the cushion at that point in time is out of the game and another fresh round of passing the cushion commences till the ultimate winner is identified.

Teachers Day Crafts

The tradition of indulging in Teacher’s Day crafts to please your teacher with a unique hand-crafted present is very common in India. It is an excellent way to show your love and respect for your teacher and how much you care for him/her. Teacher appreciation day crafts for kids and also for grown-up students might comprise hand-made greetings card, show pieces, and wrist band or a bracelets with woven beads, glass painted vases, fresh flower bouquets, bookmark, pen or pencil holder, or even a photo collage depicting the precious moments shared together. Teacher appreciation day crafts for kids might be a simple painting and farmed and packed nicely. Various expensive and budget Teachers’ Day gifts are on display at various online stores for you to make your pick suiting your tastes and pocket money. But undoubtedly, Teacher's Day celebrations will be absolutely incomplete without a nice gift for him/her.

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