Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teachers Day Greetings

Greetings for Teachers Day can be conveyed in various different ways. Whatever way the greetings may be sent, the ultimate motive is to make your beloved teacher feel special.

  • E-cards: In this Internet savvy generation of young techie students, most teachers receive a lot of wishes on the occasion of happy Teacher’s Day through mails and e-cards.

  • Phone SMS: Nowadays, among the younger generation, mobile phones are very common, in fact, almost a necessity. Therefore, on Teachers’ Day sending wishes and greetings by calling their teachers over mobiles and exchanging wishes via SMS or text messages form a very common ritual.

  • Greetings card: Greeting cards is sold in millions on the occasion of Teachers’ Day whereby the students take an opportunity to wish the best to their teachers.

  • Gifts: Gifts pour in from all students in an attempt to impress their teachers and make them feel special

Photos and images of student-teacher celebration can be seen in various media channels and leading newspapers and magazine covers.

Teachers Day Gifts

There can so many different and unique gift ideas for Teacher’s Day. Nowadays, a wide range of exquisite gift items are available at online gifts shops from where it can be comfortably ordered from the comfort of your house and delivered to any part of the world. In India, pampering the beloved teachers with lovely gifts forms an integral part of Teacher’s Day celebrations. Gifts for English teachers can be word puzzle games, or a contemporary book from the list of best sellers. Gift cards for teachers can be hand-crafted with sequins, beads, colours, paints, etc. Handmade presents for teachers, be it a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers or a hand-woven basket or glass painted vase, shall be nice gifts for your beloved teacher. Greeting cards, home-made chocolates, interesting books, flowers are all very appropriate gift ideas.

Teachers Day Gifts - Teachers Day Gift Ideas

- Get excellent score in your exams - A must and will surely win her/him
- Greeting card with quotations
- A nice poem or a Song for the Teacher
- A bouquet of flowers
- Choclates with flowers
- Greeting Cards
- Photo Frames
- Bracelets
- Pens and other Stationery
- Books
- A handmade painting of your teacher
- A favorite dish
- Do not do anything that will get the teacher irritated and respect her/him.

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