Saturday, September 3, 2011

Teachers Day in India

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm. According to Wikipedia, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on October 5 every year across the globe. The significance of this day was brought to light when UNESCO recognized the importance of teachers through adopting the “Recommendation concerning the status of teachers.”

The Teachers day celebration date in India is September 5. And the preparation is on for the Teachers’ Day celebrations for 2012 in various schools and colleges and other educational institutions and among all students. Indians celebrate Teachers Day as a mark of respect to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, who was a great teacher himself, an outstanding philosopher and his birthday falls on the 5th of September. Writing essay on Teacher’s Day in India is a common subject for all students. English teachers always choose Teacher’s Day as their favourite topic for the students. Indian Teacher's Day History goes a long way back into the history where we have the famous story from Mahabharata of Guru Dronacharya and Ekalavya where the student scarified his thumb to please his guru.

Teachers Day Party

Teachers’ Day party should be a grand celebration, well planned and thoughtfully arranged to make all teachers comfortable and gift them a memorable day. Right from sending invitations to all teachers to sitting arrangements and deciding the Teacher's Day party menu, everything should be well planned. Thoughtfully purchased nice little token gifts as per budget like books, pens, key chains, greeting card with flowers etc. by collecting money from all the students, theme-based parties where teachers are given dress codes, games, and activities for all teachers to participate and drawing guest list all form a part of the preparations. Nicely rehearsed and practiced cultural programs are performed to entertain the teachers. Sweets and food are served with utmost care and devotion. Even prizes are arranged for the winning teachers of the activities and games.

Menu Ideas For Teacher's Day Party

- Appetizers like spring rolls, potato finger chips, Cheese tortillas etc.
- Main meals like Pizzas, sandwiches etc.
- Desserts like cakes, ice cream, pastries, puddings etc.
- Beverages like Cold drinks, mocktails, fruit juices and hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Teachers Day Movies

Teacher’s Day films are specially created to be shared and viewed on this special occasion. Several well-known movies have been conceived and created both in Hollywood and Bollywood on the theme of teaching as a profession and mostly how to instil good values among the younger generation teaching them to appreciate creation and life. Movies have been made based on how to tame the wild and revolting natures of undisciplined youngsters. Also there have been very nice movies on how to earn the love and respect of students through genuine concern and friendly gestures of teachers. Teachers was released in 1984 and is a comedy drama film. Similar other stories based on the noble profession of teaching are The Piano Teacher and Teacher’s Pet. Some interesting and contemporary Bollywood movies are Sir, Paathshala, Chak De, Mohabatein, and the very inspiring movie Black.

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