Sunday, September 4, 2011

Types of Teachers

There are so many different personalities of different teachers. If we think about our teachers, we would realize that our maths teacher was very different from our English teacher. If given to write essays on types of teachers, there can be so many wonderful aspects of each one that can be highlighted and lessons can be learned from each character. All of our respected teachers will be different from each other. Then different types of teachers that we have all come across in our life have left various different impressions in our minds. And each one of these different kinds of natures of teachers has helped us nurturing our mental health and emotional development making us a better human being with each passing day. Good caring teachers will always be in demand in the society and most of them are absolutely irreplaceable. They have all contributed to our professional development as well helping us to choose our muse in later life.

Types of Teachers

- Friendly Teacher is the one who encourages, develops a bond and boost all round personality development.
- A funny or humourous teacher is the one who makes fun of some things to make the learning more enjoyable, sometimes she may cracks a joke or two.
- Ideal Teacher is the one who is regarded as one of the idols and is most respected by students.
- Lenient Teacher is the one who is regarded as the most approchable by the students as she/he is a motivator, instills self-confidence among students and students enjoy his/her teaching in the class. As a mark of respect, she is seen as the most affection and loved.
- Strict teacher is the one who is not easily approchable, students are scared to get criticised

Teachers are every little heart’s childhood heroes and they leave such vivid and strong impressions in a child’s mind that they carry the fond memories of those encouraging words, loving gestures, and firm scolding all through their lives.

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