When is Navratri

Chaitra/Vasant Navratri Festival Dates in April 2013 are from 11th April to 19th April(Thursday to Next Friday) and Sharad Navratri in October 2013 are from 5th October to 13th October(Saturday to Next Sunday).

Navratras usually falls during the autumn season and Navratri dates can be consulted from the Hindu calendar. Navratri date varies from year to year. Navratri coincides with Ram Navami and Navratri schedule 2013 ends on October 13 with Dusshera being celebrated on October 14. Navratri 2013 during March-April is the Chaitra Navratri in the Chaitra Shukla Paksha and is also known as Vasant Navratri. Navratri dates in 2013 also coincide with Durga Puja, the ten-day festival of the Bengalis.

In the nine days of Navratras, people perform Khetri Pujan and the 9 days are dedicated to the three Goddesses - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. On the day of Ashtami or Navami, kanya pujan is performed where the small girls are offered kanjak i.e puri, chhole and halwa along with a gift or money.On the day of Dussherra, a demon named Mahisashura was killed by Goddess Durga. Many people fast on the days of Navratras and take only the navratra food and fruits.

Navratri festival is believed to be the best time of the year to undertake or start new ventures. The festival is important to all Hindus and it holds special significance for Gujratis as one can see the spirit of the dance they perform during Durga Navratri, popularly known as “dandiya” and “garba” and Bengalis as they perform Durga puja in big pandals where the beautiful decorated idols are worshipped. People performing during this period wear beautiful and charming clothes as they dress up Maa Durga.

Navratri Wallpapers

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